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Bundle: Shade, Shapes and Succession

Smart Gardener offers an exclusive Smart Add On for Smart Gardeners who asked us for a couple features that would really help them manage their gardens better - being able to add in shaded areas, to lay out paths, structures, or trees that are also part of their garden area and to be reminded via their To Dos to interval sow certain edibles for a continuous harvest. Here's what you get:

• Drag and drop tool in your Garden Layout to indicate shaded areas
• Drag and drop tool in your Garden Layout to add elements to your garden that are important to you
• To Do reminders to successively sow certain varieties

Smart Gardener Smart Add On
  • One time cost
  • Exclusive access.

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We at Smart Gardener listen very carefully to your feedback. Many of the Smart Add Ons we have, and will continue to offer, are in direct response to your remarks and comments. While keeping the basic product as clear and simple as possible, Smart Add Ons let you personalize Smart Gardener with additional functionality and content that are specific to your garden, growing conditions and interests.

What's Included

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Indicate shaded areas

Now you can drag and drop, resize and easily indicate areas of shade in your garden. Now your Smart Garden Plan can include putting shade tolerant plants in any bed or container that you have marked as getting less than 6 hours of sun a day.

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Shapes as structures

Lots of you wanted to be able to show where fences, trees, pathways and buildings were on your layout. Using simple colored shapes, drag and drop then resize the shapes to make your layout resemble your actual garden.

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Succession Sowing

Smart Gardener estimates the total amount of an edible that your household will eat. This Add On converts that total quantity of plants for a variety into small batches that you sow or plant over time. Several smaller plantings are made at timed intervals, rather than all at once. The plants mature at staggered dates, establishing a continuous harvest over an extended period.