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To Dos just for your garden.

Keys to success.

Keeping track of what to do in your garden, on a regular basis, is one of biggest challenges for us busy folks. That's why getting weekly To Dos just for your garden, and your plants, can really help keep your garden going strong.

Planning and planting is so rewarding, but daily care and maintenance is really the key to a good harvest.

To Dos are available at all times in your Smart Gardener account. They are also sent to you in a weekly email. We even have a Smart Add On that will post them to your personal calendar.

Beyond To Do Lists.

There's more to To Dos than what meets the eye. Just checking off a To Do triggers the "smart" behind Smart Gardener. We track and keep your To Dos reflecting what you have actually done, and what you need to do next. We think this is a lot more meaningful than generic planting charts that don't reflect your gardens conditions or the activities you have done.

When any To Do is checked off, it is automatically time stamped, (you can edit the date), and added to your garden Journal.

Checking off important events like "Start Indoors" or "Transplanting" also lets Smart Gardener know that key activities have happened in the garden. This prompts Smart Gardener to send the next set of important To Dos for your plants next stages.