Settings and Profile - SmartGardener

It's all about you and your garden.

Your personalized growing profile.

Recieve highly relevant recommendations and guidance based on the rich growing profile Smart Gardener constructs around you.

By analyzing the last ten years of your daily temperatures, we can generate a visualization of your growing seasons over the year. This is key to when, where, what and how to plant your particular garden.

The combination of your year long growing conditions, regional location, plant choices, size of garden, household size, food preferences and more, lets us personalize your plant selection, your To Dos, and recommendations.

How much should I plant?

Any of us who want to be efficient and get the most out of our garden, need help figuring out how much to plant. When you fill out the number of people in your household, we automatically calculate how much of each plant you should grow. You can always adjust that number to further suit your needs.

What do I like to eat?

We let you check off the vegetables your household likes to eat. This helps Smart Gardener narrow down the results you see when you are selecting plants for your garden.

Location, location, location.

Our goal is to give you information and suggestions that are as relevant to your specific micro-climate as possible. Your zip code, regional zone and location of your garden are some of the ways we can offer you the right plants, products and even other smart neighbors!