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The right plants for your garden.

Browse over 4000 vegetable and edible varieties.

With over 4000 vegetable and other edible plants to offer, and 150 pieces of information about each plant, Smart Gardener wants you to get the right vegetables, herbs, fruits, and cover crops for your garden.

You can filter your results by your region, food preferences, suitability to heat, shade, drought and even vendors. The goal is to present you with the best results targeted to your conditions and needs.

Don't find what you want? Easily add a new variety to our over 2000 user created varieities.

What can I plant now?

Probably the biggest questions when we start our gardens is what can I grow here and what can I grow now? We've solved that for you. Now, using your personal growing conditions chart, created just for you, click on any week to see what you can start when.

Too may results? You can narrow down the list of plants by your region, food preferences, suitability to heat, shade, drought and even vendors.

The plant variety card.

Smart Gardener wants to give you the best choices possible for vegetable and other edible varieties. There's no "one size fits all" tomato or eggplant that grows well in everyones garden. Add to that our different tastes, and the choices and differences in varieties become important. Particularly for many of us who want to plant heirlooms or like to cook with specific vegetables or herbs.

Each Variety is displayed like a card with a description (from our partner) along with other information to help you choose the right plants. Click on the variety name at any time to go to the full Plant Guide for that variety. How the seeds or plants are offered by our partners is listed along the right side. Choices for saving it to your Favorites, Shopping Cart or Garden are along the lower right.