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Access all berries we have to offer - raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries - now and in the future. As we add new berries to Smart Gardener, you will automatically have exclusive access to them as well.

Smart Gardener Smart Add On
  • One time cost
  • Exclusive access.

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We at Smart Gardener listen very carefully to your feedback. Many of the Smart Add Ons we have, and will continue to offer, are in direct response to your remarks and comments. While keeping the basic product as clear and simple as possible, Smart Add Ons let you personalize Smart Gardener with additional functionality and content that are specific to your garden, growing conditions and interests.

What's Included

Original seasonal schedule
Perennials Schedule

Berries, as perennials, will now display a bit differently when you look at their Seasonal Schedules. You'll notice they show what the planting, care and harvest should be for the first year they are planted. Subsequent year's care and harvest will be displayed as a separate track called "Yearly".

Original browse
Search and Browse

Once you purchase "Berries", you will see them available under "Fruits" in Browse. Or you can search for them as well.

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When did you plant your berries?

As perennials, it is also important to let Smart Gardener know when you planted your berries, so we know what kinds of To Dos to send you. When you go to your Weekly To Dos, we will ask you to indicate the date, in your Journal, you planted your Berries, before you proceed. If you planted them prior to the current year, we have different To Dos to send you based on yearly care for your berries.