Ease of Growing
Grown as
Days to Maturity
70-125 (Spring/Summer), 80-125 (Fall/Winter)
Growing Habit
Half Hardy

Celery is fairly hardy and actually prefers cool weather, but needs a long period of ideal growing conditions (60-70 degrees F) to perform well. It tends to bolt if it gets cold while young. It generally works best as a fall crop.

Spring Transplant, Spring, Fall Transplant, Fall
Growing Season
Cultivar Type
Growing Conditions

Celery must be planned carefully, because it takes so long to grow to maturity from seed and then you get a large crop all at one time. Celery needs a long period (3 months) of cool temperatures (60 to 70 degrees F) for optimal quality. Temperatures above 80 degrees F may make it fibrous and very strongly flavored.

Celery requires rich, loamy soil; heavy, consistent water; and patience. Incorporate lots of organic matter into the soil to help hold moisture. Avoid overhead watering which can collect between the stalks and promote disease and pest problems.

Outdoor Growing Temp
40°F - 80°F
Min Outdoor Soil Temp

Don't plant celery outside until the daytime temperature stays above 50˚ F.

Start Indoors
Start Outdoors
Sun: min. 6 hours daily (Cool)

Celery doesn't like heat or intense sun and in hot climates will do better in light shade. It does need at least 6 hours of sun daily though.


Consistent watering is the single most important factor in growing good celery, the soil should never be allowed to dry out. This may mean watering daily in dry weather, though every other day is more usual.

Water is particularly critical as harvest time approaches, because this is the time of fastest growth (plants may double in size in their last month). Lack of water at this time can result in bitter, pungent, stringy plants with hollow stems.

The best way to water celery is with a drip system or soaker hose.


Celery is a hungry plant that needs lots of nitrogen to produce its succulent growth. If the soil is poor, feed with compost tea or liquid kelp weekly.

Tolerates light frost, Partial shade
Small Gardens?

It is possible to grow celery in containers, so long as you give it plenty of water. Choose a container that has a depth of at least 8", but preferably more. Make sure that your container has drainage holes. Fill with a mixture of potting soil and compost and water thoroughly. Firm your plants well, and fertilize with a mixture of fish and seaweed emulsion. Make sure to place your celery in an area where the temperature does not drop below 55 degrees F. Celery loves sunshine, so be sure to give it at least 6 hours a day. Water regularly (up to twice a day in warmer climates).

Attracts beneficial insects?
Fruit Size
12.0 - 15.0"
Plant Height
18.0 - 24.0"
Plant Diameter
8.0 - 12.0"
Hardiness Zone
Disease Resistance
Taste Profile

Bold, sweet and crunchy.

Rotation Group
Leaves: Brassicas + Leafy Greens