Ease of Growing
Grown as
Days to Maturity
65-85 (Spring/Summer)
Growing Habit
Very Tender

Very tender, they can't stand cold weather or frost.

Spring Transplant
Growing Season
Short, Long
Cultivar Type
Growing Conditions
Warm, Hot

Peppers originated in the tropical highlands of Central and South America and grow best with warm (70 to 80˚ F) days, cool (55 to 65˚ F) nights and high humidity. If the soil gets above 85˚ F you can cool the soil by applying mulch and watering frequently with cold water.

Outdoor Growing Temp
60°F - 95°F
Min Outdoor Soil Temp

The soil must be warm (at least 65° F). If necessary you could use black plastic mulch to hasten warming.

Start Indoors
Start Outdoors
Sun: min. 6 hours daily (Warm, Hot)

Full sun. In very hot climates they may benefit from light shade.


Pepper plants are somewhat drought tolerant (especially Hot Peppers), but lack of water can affect fruiting, so they should be kept moist for best production. Drip irrigation works well with Peppers.

Sweet Peppers are particularly vulnerable to water stress when fruiting, so keep the soil evenly moist. If not given enough water, the fruits can develop a slightly bitter flavor (and may get Blossom End Rot).

Don't leave water on the leaves overnight as this encourages disease.


Low nitrogen. High potassium. High phosphorus. Peppers are fairly hungry plants and require lots of phosphorus and potassium, but not too much nitrogen (which may result in big vigorous plants, but few fruits).

Needs summer shade
Small Gardens?
Yes, but will need a large one, like a half wine barrel

Choose a container at least 16" in diameter. A container with drainage holes is a necessity in order to successfully grow peppers. Cover the holes with weed cloth, newspaper or any other similar material and then fill with potting soil. Peppers love warm weather and will not thrive if temperatures are either too cold or too hot. Place peppers in full sun in warm climates, but be sure they have access to shade in hot temperatures. Keep well-watered. Stake to keep fruit off the ground, mulch for disease and weed control.

Attracts beneficial insects?
Green and Red
Fruit Size
6.0 - 7.0"
Plant Height
24.0 - 30.0"
Plant Diameter
10.0 - 12.0"
Hardiness Zone
Disease Resistance
Taste Profile

Mild, lively flavor. Southwestern style used for stuffing. Thick skin ideal for grilling or roasting.

Rotation Group
Fruits: Solanaceae + Cucurbits