Ease of Growing
Grown as
Days to Maturity
38-45 (Spring/Summer), 45-50 (Fall/Winter)
Growing Habit
Half Hardy

Mesclun lettuces will thrive in mild weather with consistent moisture. To extend the sowing season into hot weather, sow in light shade or erect a canopy of loosely woven shade cloth over the bed.

Spring Transplant, Spring, Fall Transplant, Fall
Growing Season
Short, Long
Cultivar Type
Growing Conditions
Cool, Warm

Chicory, like lettuce, needs to grow quickly for best quality. This can only be done by giving the plants everything they need. Does best when planted in early spring or late summer. The young plants are vulnerable to weeds, so keep well weeded. Their roots are shallow so be careful with the hoe. Does best when planted in early spring or late summer. Lettuce likes full sun except in hot summer climates where it prefers some shade, especially in the afternoon. Add plenty of compost to the soil to encourage rapid growth. Water evenly and moderately to prevent bitterness.

Outdoor Growing Temp
45°F - 75°F
Min Outdoor Soil Temp

When: Lettuce germinates quite well in cool (40˚ F) soil and will continue to do so until it gets up to 75˚ F (after this it gets erratic).

Start Indoors
Start Outdoors
Part shade (Warm)

In hotter climates it doesn’t mind part shade (and may even benefit from it).

Sun: min. 6 hours daily (Cool)

In cool climates Lettuce needs full sun.


Lettuce is largely composed of water and it responds to irrigation by giving a larger and better tasting harvest. If you think the plants might need water they probably do.


Lettuce has a weak root system and isn't a very efficient feeder, so the soil needs to be quite fertile. Its main requirement is for nitrogen, but it also needs moderate amounts of potassium and phosphorus.

Tolerates light frost, Partial shade, Needs summer shade
Small Gardens?

Lettuce is fairly easy to grow in containers either individually or as a cut-and-come-again crop. Looseleaf lettuce produces an abundance of single leaves perfect for using in salad. Use 4" flats and use rich soil mix. Simply broadcast the seed directly onto the bed so there is a seed roughly every half an inch. You may want to cover the seeds with a light covering of soil. Start gathering individual leaves when they are 2 to 3" tall, leaving at least an inch of stem on the plant when cutting so it can regenerate.

Attracts beneficial insects?
Red and green
Fruit Size
- "
Plant Height
6.0 - 10.0"
Plant Diameter
5.0 - 7.0"
Hardiness Zone
Disease Resistance
Taste Profile

Extraordinary mix of sweet red leaves, delicate leafy greens, and spicy Arugula and Chervil.

Rotation Group
Leaves: Brassicas + Leafy Greens