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Re-Mineralization Offers Several Benefits to your Garden Including:

Andesite Mineral Complex

Andesite is safe for use on all outdoor and indoor plants and vegetation and in a variety of applications including:

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I used your andesite for the first time this spring, working it into the soil around existing plants and putting it in the bottom of the holes dug for new annuals. I have really seen an improvement in how my plants are blooming, lots of color on strong stems. Also my raspberries and figs are producing vigorously and abundantly. And my tomato plants are very healthy and yielding a good crop. They have no blossom end rot or any other undesirable conditions. I'm glad I took a chance and purchased your product."

Rich S.

"I added andesite to my garden according to your recommendations at the beginning of the season and was amazed at the difference in my garden. My garden produced far more than it ever has and kept on producing even after it started getting cold. I also spread some around my flower beds and noticed a real improvement in color. I wanted to send you a picture of one of the beets that I grew this year to show you how big it was. My husband held it next to a pineapple for some perspective. I can't wait for next season!"

Mary M.