Radish: China Rose

China Rose is a unique winter radish. The radishes have a rose and white-colored skin with a deep rose color inside and are 6"-8" x 2" in size. The spicy flesh is delicious sliced fresh, and the radish tops are wonderful cooked in chicken broth until tender and seasoned with butter and pepper. This is a good storage variety.


Radish: French Breakfast

A pre-1885 French heirloom with mild spicy flavor. Red top and white bottom. An attractive gourmet variety.


Radish: French Breakfast

French Breakfast is a mild, tasty radish. The 2"-long, bright, scarlet-red roots with white tips make an eye-catching snack. This top-quality variety is good for the farmer's market.


Radish: White Icicle

Also known as Lady Finger, White Icicle's uniform, slim 4"-6" x .5"-1" roots taper to a point and have a very slender taproot. The flesh is crisp, mild, and white. The 5"-6" tops are good to eat. This standard long, white type is easy to force, matures mid-season, and holds quality well.