Soil Preference

Soil PH: 5.5-7.5, Ideal 6.0-6.5

The best soil for peas is a loose well-drained loam. Peas don't need a lot of nitrogen, as they can obtain their own. In fact, if nitrogen is too easily available they won't bother to fix any. Peas do need phosphorus (colloidal phosphate) and potassium (wood ashes), as well as calcium and magnesium (use dolomitic limestone).

If the soil is compacted double digging is beneficial. If it is poorly drained, use raised beds, especially for early plantings, as they don't like wet soil. In very poor soils it may pay to plant your peas in trenches, filled with a mixture of soil and compost.

Soil Preparation

Standard Mix, 5 pound(s) per 100 sq. ft., in top 6in of soil, 1 time

A standard mix will provide additional potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients.

Compost (N), 2 inch(es), in top 6in of soil, 1 time

Dig in 2˝ of compost or aged manure (You can apply fresh manure the previous fall and leave it to age over the winter).