Picking peas at the right time is almost as important as it is with Sweet Corn. Too early and they are very small, too late and they are starchy and not very good.

When and How

Whole Fruit, 1-28 days after maturity

When: Peas mature quickly after pollination, so you have to check on the plants regularly (every day or so). You must pick the pods when they size up, even if you don’t want to eat them, otherwise production will decline. In cool weather, a well managed planting may yield for as long as 6 weeks, though if the weather turns hot it may be as short as 2 weeks. These should be picked as soon as the Peas reach full size and the pod is nice and fat and round. Taste them to see if they are ready, they should be sweet, crisp and succulent.

How: The pods start to ripen at the base of the plant first. Remove them from the plants carefully, so you don’t damage the vines. Hold the plant with one hand, and pull down on the pod with the other.

If the pods have a string down each side, the best technique is to snap off the pod by bending it to one side. This breaks the pod but not the strings, so if you then pull on the pod, it will peel off the strings and leave them attached to the plant.






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Peas contain vitamins C and B6, along with folate, iron and several anti-cancer phytochemicals.