> Seed Sowing Depth: 0.25" to 0.5"

Sow the seed 1/4" deep in cold soil, 1/2" deep in warmer soil.

> Soil temp for germination: 40°F to 95°F, optimal 60°F to 75°F, optimal 68°F
> Total weeks to grow transplant: 14 to 15 (Spring/Summer), (Fall/Winter)


6-8 weeks before LFD

Spring: The slow growing Leeks like a long (4-6 months) cool (not much above 70˚ F) growing season. They are one of the first spring vegetables to be started indoors, about three months before they are planted out (sometimes as early as December or January). The earlier you start them, the larger they will get. Unlike many crops they don’t get over-mature quickly, or bolt, they just get bigger.

Leeks transplant easily so are usually started in flats. They don’t have much foliage so can be planted quite close together and you can get a lot of plants in one flat. The seeds germinate and grow slowly, so start them early, water regularly, feed occasionally and be patient.

1. Sow seeds about 1" apart and 1/8" deep in the flat.

Last Frost Date

The week of 04/06/14

Harden Off

3-4 weeks after LFD

Hardened off will allow the plants a lot of growth before they go into the ground and they will be suitable for the conditions.