Leek: King Richard

Early leek - slender and tall (1" x 12"). Best for summer and early fall - harvest before frosts drop below 20˚ F


Leek: Leek (Summer)

The leek is a satisfying and straightforward crop to grow. It is easier to grow than the onion, because you don't have to worry about bulbing and day length. Leeks are one of the most trouble-free crops. Leeks grown in the summer can simply be left in the ground all winter, to be harvested as needed for the kitchen. Leeks can be used in place of onions, they are of the same family. Leeks are especially good when braised with other vegetables, fish and meats. When they are young they can be grilled or steamed to make a terrine. Leek and potato soup is commonly featured on menus in the winter.