> Seed Sowing Depth: 0.25" to 0.5"

Sow the seed 1/4" deep in cool soil and 1/2" deep in warm soil.

> Soil temp for germination: 55°F to 75°F, optimal 60°F to 65°F, optimal 65°F
> Total weeks to grow transplant: 4 to 9 (Spring/Summer), 6 to 9 (Fall/Winter)


4-6 weeks before LFD

While Cilantro is easiest to grow outdoors, you can still start some early indoors to get a jump start on the growing season, or if pests are affecting your Cilantro seedlings when directly sown.

1. Sow seeds 1/4" deep in flats or individual containers. Keep the soil moist during germination.

Last Frost Date

The week of 04/06/14

Harden Off

on LFD

Place seedlings outdoors every day to allow them to acclimate to outdoor temperatures. Each day, extend the amount of time they are left outside. This will "harden them off."