Cilantro will do well in any garden soil that is fertile, well-drained and moisture retentive. It likes full sun.

Water Needs


Cilantro needs to be watered regularly, but not to the point where the soil becomes soggy.

Fertilizer Needs


Because cilantro grows so quickly it is best to include fertilizer when preparing the soil for planting. It is not necessary to fertilize the plant once it has begun growing.

Watering, regularly

Water, 0.5 inch(es), regularly, 2 times a week

Watering also depends on your local weather; don't water if it's raining, or water more frequently if it's dry. Just be sure to keep soil moist but never soggy for the best crop. The best way to know how much moisture is in your soil is to feel 2" below the soil line. If it's dry, water.

Thinning, when 3in tall

6 inch(es), when 3in tall, 1 time

Thin seedlings to a final spacing of 6 - 8" for leaves, or 9 - 12" for seeds.