Soil Preference

Soil PH: 6.0-7.5, Ideal 6.5-7.0

Kale is more tolerant of poor soil than any of the other Brassicas, but the most palatable leaves are produced by rapid uninterrupted growth. For this the soil must be rich and moisture retentive.

It is important that the soil is well drained when growing kale as a winter crop. If the soil is too wet the roots may rot.

Kale likes a neutral pH, so add lime if necessary.

Soil Preparation

Compost (N), 2 inch(es), in top 6in of soil, 1 time

Kale likes organic matter, so amend the soil by digging in 2˝ of compost or aged manure.

Standard Mix, 5 pound(s) per 100 sq. ft., in top 6in of soil, 1 time

A standard mix will supply any additional nutrients required and should be incorporated along with the compost.