Don’t start plants too early

Don’t start the plants too early, as you can’t put them out until the soil is warm (60˚ F minimum). If they sit inside too long, they will get root bound. Plants set out at the right time will quickly outgrow those planted too early.


Powdery mildew occurs during hot, dry spells, whereas downy mildew occurs during wet, cool spells near the end of the growing season. Mosaic virus causes a yellow and green mottling of the leaves and reduces plant vigor. Anthracnose, a fungus disease, is most common during mid- and late- season and during dry weather. Dark brown spots on the leaves and round sunken spots on the fruit are evidence of Anthracnose. Another fungus, angular leaf spot, is common during cool, wet weather. Symptoms of angular leaf spot include interveinal browning and small circular spots on the fruit. Bacterial wilt causes sudden dramatic wilting and death of the vines. Use resistant or tolerant varieties, practice good sanitation and crop rotation, and pay attention to proper growth requirements.