Tomato: Camp Joy

Camp Joy cherries offer full. well-rounded tomato taste in a cherry tomato, not just sugar-lump sweetness without depth of flavor. This special heirloom is propagated for Renee's Garden by an organic family farm that sells all the Camp Joys they can grow each summer to devoted customers at our local farmer's market. The strong growing vines bear big, heavy clusters of large sized, luscious red cherries with a taste that becomes an annual summer passion.


Tomato: Chadwick

This is a truly tasty cherry tomato. Large, disease resistant vines set abundant crops of 1" fruits borne in clusters. A perfect cherry for salads and snacking. This cherry was developed by brilliant horticulturist Alan Chadwick and bears his name.


Tomato: Gardener's Delight

This German cherry tomato is so sweet it used to be called Sugar Lump, in fact it is said to be the best tasting cherry tomato. Cute cherry-sized, red fruit borne in clusters of 6-12. This variety is container adaptable. The plants need staking and should be given plenty of room. The fruit is prone to cracking.


Tomato: Jujube

Here is a wonderful red grape tomato from our friend, Reinard Kraft, of Germany. Crisp fruit are delightfully refreshing and are perfect for snacking.


Tomato: Matt's Wild Cherry

From seed collected in the wild near Hidalgo in eastern Mexico. Plants bear loads of intensely sweet and flavorful small, deep red cherry tomatoes. Plants are vigorous, disease-resistant, and sprawling. These cherry tomatoes range in size from 5/8" to 3/4" and are borne in clusters of 7-13. A favorite at the Southern Exposure 2007 festival!


Tomato: Peacevine Cherry

Highest Vitamin C content in a cherry tomato among 30 varieties. Grows tresses of many small 3/4", delicious, red tomatoes on 2 to 3 ft. vines that just keep fruiting. Uniquely high in gamma-amino butyric acid, a body sedative that calms jitters.


Tomato: Pisa Date

Given to Dustin Swanland by his Italian aunt. Small, firm, date-shaped red fruits, sweet and productive. 7–9 ft. plants. This may be the type of tomato Jefferson served at Monticello as a dessert, the sliced fruits dusted with powdered sugar.


Tomato: Placero

A flavorful, small tomato from Baker Creek's friend Herb Culver. He collected this tomato in Cuba from a man named Orlando at Mission Mundial. This tomato also is said to have a very high beta-carotene content. Tasty, red fruit grow on very productive plants.


Tomato: Principe Borghese Tomato

Italian heirloom bred for sun-drying, this lowmoisture variety maintains more flavor when dried than do other varieties. Slightly oval, 1 oz fruits. Prized in Italian cooking when reconstituted in olive oil, they can also be crushed into small flakes to quickly thicken a thin sauce while adding a rich tomato flavor.


Tomato: Red Cherry

This is the small 'Red Cherry', not the 'Large Red Cherry' commonly used as a salad tomato. Very dependable, full-flavored salad tomato. Grows so vigorously that it tends to outgrow some diseases. Resistant to fruitworm and high temperatures. Introduced before 1840.


Tomato: Sweetie

Sweetie's large vines produce very sweet, red, round, cherry-type tomatoes 1"-1.5" in diameter. This variety's high sugar content makes the fruit a good choice for juice or preserves. It is resistant to alternarium stem canker.


Tomato: Tess Land Race Currant

Deliciously flavored currant tomato that originated from Maryland's southern shore. The tiny fruit of this variety vary in color; most are deep red but some are also rose, gold and yellow. The flavorful fruit are popular with chefs and home gardeners. The sprawling vines produce clusters of these intense tasting miniatures.