> When Warm, Hot

These tender annuals originated in the tropics and love hot weather. They can't stand cold soil so don't plant them until it has warmed up (ideally to at least 70 degrees F). Use black plastic to warm the soil if necessary.

> When outdoor temp: 60°F to 90°F, optimal temp 65°F to 75°F
> When min soil temp: 70°F

Don't plant out until the soil temperature is close to 70 degrees.

Seed Depth


Sow the seed 1/2" deep in cool soil and up to 2" deep in warm soil


12.0", 1 plants per sq ft

Climbing Trombetta is a vining variety and should be trellised on a very sturdy support. Because  the plants grow vertically, plants can be spaced 12" apart along the support structure. The structure should be at least 6' tall.

Summer Crop

3-12 weeks after LFD

In hot weather the large seeds germinate and grow quickly and soon produce vigorous young plants. Because of this there is little point in going to all of the work of starting them inside.



Bush varieties don't need any support; the vine varieties take up a lot less space if grown vertically on trellises or cages.