Potato: Bintje

Netherlands heirloom from 1904 and the most widely-grown yellow variety in the world. High yielder of medium-sized tubers, keeps exceptionally well, grows anywhere, and has excellent flavor anyway you fix them. It's also grown as yellow creamer potatoes when vines are killed early. Actual season is Mid to Long.


Potato: Carola

The best yielding yellow flesh potato we have ever grown here in our central Virginia garden. Heavy yields of medium size potatoes with a light beige skin. The sunny yellow interior has a smooth creamy texture suitable for baking or frying. Mid-season. Stores well. Resists drought but must receive an adequate supply of nutrients because it is susceptible to seed piece decay.


Potato: Island Sunshine

Selected by the Loo brothers, organic farmers from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Great flavor. A delightful, creamy, golden fleshed late season potato. High late blight resistance.


Potato: Yellow Finn

Classic European deep yellow-fleshed gourmet potato with a unique sweet buttery flavor, moist and firm flesh. Spreading root system, so needs ample room. Stores better than red potatoes or Yukon Gold.


Potato: Yukon Gem

First potato that is blight resistant. Mid-season variety that was bred from Yukon Gold using traditional plant breeding. Round to oval, light-yellow skin with pink splash around the eyes. Much higher yields that Yukon Gold and every bit as good.


Potato: Yukon Gold

A best seller. European-style, light yellow-fleshed potato renowned for outstanding flavor. Perfect baked, boiled, mashed or fried. Excellent keeper.