Squash, Summer: Black Beauty

The classic dark-green summer squash that has made modern zucchini of this type popular. Introduced in the US markets in the 1920's, and seed companies started listing it in the 1930's. Delicious fried or baked; best picked young.


Squash, Summer: Black Beauty

This zucchini produces semi-upright, open plants with blocky, glossy, black-green fruits 6 to 8" long and 2" in diameter. The flesh is tender, firm, and creamy white with excellent flavor. It is delicious grilled, steamed, boiled, Sauted, fried, or used in breads. Tiny baby squash can be used as appetizers or leave whole and saute with other vegetables. This variety also freezes well.


Squash, Summer: Caserta

Bush plant produces 16" zucchini that are also quite thin. Fruit is bulbous at the end and narrow at the neck, a light green color alternating with forest green bands. Best harvested young.


Squash, Summer: Caserta

All America Selections winner in 1949. Here’s an early bush cocozelle type, popular in Italy where they favor a rich, full-flavored zucchini. Fruits slightly club-shaped with mottled striping in olive-green and darker green. Can reach a fairly large size and still be quite tender and delicious as a summer squash.


Squash, Summer: Cocozella Di Napoli

Long, slender fruit, ribbed, pale greenish-yellow, striped with dark green; very firm and flavorful flesh. A unique Italian heirloom; tasty.


Squash, Summer: Cocozelle

Beautiful fruit is dark green striped with light green. This Italian heirloom has a pleasing, slightly nutty flavor. The compact bush type vines are ideal for small gardens. This squash is perfect for frying, steaming, freezing, and canning.


Squash, Summer: Costata Romanesca

This Italian heirloom zucchini is favored by most for flavor. Fruits remain tender even after growing to 18"; best picked at 12". Heavily ribbed fruits are striped with alternating light and dark green shades. Vines grow larger than other summer squash varieties.


Squash, Summer: Dark Green Zucchini

Fruits are dark-green mottled with pale green flesh. A vigorous, productive bush variety with yield concentrated in time.


Squash, Summer: Dark Green Zucchini

This zucchini produces small, uniform, high-quality fruit usually found only in hybrids. An excellent producing plant, the skin is dark green with light flecks. This versatile vegetable is delicious grilled, steamed, boiled, Sauted, fried, or used in breads. Tiny baby squash can be used as appetizers or leave whole and Saute with other vegetables.


Squash, Summer: Fordhook

Classic, cylindrical, dark-green straight to slightly curved zucchinis. Tender, creamy-white flesh freezes well. Vigorous and productive bush plants. Pick when 8 or 9" long.


Squash, Summer: Fordhook

Vigorous prolific bush, deep blackish-green cylindrical long slender smooth fruits, white flesh that freezes well, slightly curved. Can be used fresh as summer squash at 57 days, or stored for baking use at 85 days.


Squash, Summer: Golden Zucchini

Slender fruit are bright golden-yellow; they are as delicious as they are attractive; bush plants.


Squash, Summer: Green Bush Vegetable Marrow

Green zucchini-type fruit are excellent for frying, stuffing, and baking; tasty flesh; bush plants. Very popular with the English.


Squash, Summer: Heirloom Squash

Early maturing bush-tye summer squash with delicious smooth, deep-green fruits. Produces over an extended season. Baked, broiled fried, steamed, grilled, pickled, raw or frozen zuccini, a real treat!

Squash, Summer: Italian Romanesco

Bred in Italy for traditional flavor and style. Romanesco is prized for its creamy, sweet flesh. The tender, plump fruits are classically striped in dark green with slight ridges. Plants offer improved disease resistance and early harvests. This is the most scrumptious zucchini we have found, with nutty-tasting flesh that is never watery or bland. Like all true Italian varieties, Romanesco's edible blossoms hold well on fruits to stuff or Sauted as a summer delicacy.


Squash, Summer: Noche

Noche produces dark green cylindrical zucchinis which are easy to harvest due to the open spineless plant. Fruits are more attractive than Plato, which it replaces. Disease resistances keep the plant healthy and bearing over a long period.


Squash, Summer: Raven Dark Green Zucchini

Ravens dark green, cylindrical fruits are smooth-skinned, glossy and especially tender- fleshed with consistently delicious flavor, whether picked as babies with pretty blossoms still attached or at larger sizes. Harvest is quick and easy because the abundant fruits are born high up on bush style plants that don't sprawl all over and the leaves have very few prickly spines. Raven zucchinis are widely adopted for their ability to germinate and grow quickly, bear heavily and not get woody or tough with age.


Squash, Summer: Ronde de Nice

These tasty little round zucchinis have been favorites for generations in French farmers markets. Because their skins and tender flesh bruise easily, they are poor candidates for our supermarkets, but are easily grown by home gardeners. Harvest these pretty squash as babies, when just several inches in diameter, or grow them up to 3 to 4 inches. Serve the babies steamed or Sauted with other vegetables or stuff the larger ones to bake and serve for great summer meals.


Squash, Summer: Spineless Perfection

Attractive, straight fruits are borne on a spineless, open plant which makes harvesting easy. Multiple disease resistances keep the plants bearing over an extended period.


Squash, Summer: Striata d'Italia

Medium-long zucchini fruit, somewhat thicker at the blossom end, light ribbing; 8 to 9" long. The skin is striped in light & dark green. Superb flavor and texture. This variety is popular in Italy for its flavor & early yield.


Squash, Summer: Zucchini Tricolor Blend

Our mixed seed packet offers an easy way to grow 3 different colored, extra-fancy zucchinis. Plump pastel green Clarimore is creamy and tender stuffed or baked; glossy dark green Raven is sweet and succulent steamed or Sauted, and the buttercup yellow fruits of Golden Dawn are delicate and nutty Seeds are color coded with USDA food grade stain to distinguish varieties. Be sure to plant some of each for show-stopping harvests. Pink seed = Clairmore Zucchini; Undyed seed = Golden Dawn; Green seed = Raven Zucchini