Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus

Yardlong Beans are an annual vining legume that is closely related to the Cowpea. It is traditionally grown for long immature pods, and used similar to a green bean. This subtropical/tropical plant is typically grown in Southeast Asia, Thailand, and Southern China. Asparagus beans are called “Dow Gauk" in China and “Sasage" in Japan. They take heat and humidity better than common beans; recommended for the Deep South.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Black Seeded Yard Long

Fast-growing, high-yielding vining bean from subtropical Asia that thrives in the heat. Is also called Asparagus Bean. Each vine yields dark green, slender pods that contain 10 to 20 black seeds. These sweet, crunchy pods are stringless and wonderfully unique.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Chinese Green Noodle

An early variety of long bean imported from China. 20" pods are straight and smooth, bright-green, and of excellent quality. This hardy long bean is easy to grow almost anywhere. Very tasty stir-fried.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Chinese Mosaic

Lovely, lavender-pink-shaded pods measure 12”-18” long and are crisp and flavorful. The vigorous vines produce loads of tender Chinese beans. Very popular here at Baker Creek and sure to become a favorite of gourmets everywhere! A real standout that is quick to come into production.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Chinese Red Noodle

Beans up to 18" long. Similar to Purple Pod, but with superior flavor and texture. Pods purple when fresh, turning a reddish-purple color if allowed to mature and dry. Dark red seeds.

Sows 20'


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Chinese Red Noodle

This is the most stunning and unique bean I have grown yet. Fantastic deep red 18-inch pods are so delicious, full of nutrition, and they even keep most their color when sauteed! Long vines produce all summer and do well under many conditions. This incredible variety will draw lots of attention in your home garden or at market. We are so excited to offer this unique Chinese ethnic variety that produces fairly early. Small red seeds.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Green Pod Red Seed Asparagus

Light green pods and maroon-brown seeds with darker brown streaks. Always a reliable, trouble-free variety that is an excellent home garden variety.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Liana Asparagus

One of the earliest bearing asparagus beans. Vines are 10-12'. Like most black-seeded varieties it does well in the North as well as the South. Since it is day-neutral, in the South it can be planted for early market sales, late for a fall harvest, or year-round in the greenhouse. The medium green pods are best picked at 18" (less than pencil-width). An old market favorite.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Purple Podded

Beautiful dark purple pods that retain color when stir-fried. Red-brown seeds. Reliable and prolific, takes heat well. Needs trellising and will grow about 10'.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Red-Seeded Asparagus

Very long pods grow to 24”! Very tender and tasty; no strings, small seeds; huge yields on 10’ vines. They grow well under almost any conditions very resistant to heat, humidity and insects; great for the South. Pick for snap beans when 12”-14” long; delicious stir-fried!


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Stickless Wonder

A rare dwarf type - think of it as being like an edible-podded Southern pea! Loads of 12" light green pods (best harvested at 10" or less). The bushy 30" plants don't require any sticks (i.e., trellises) for support, though shorter plants mean for a shorter harvest period.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Taiwan Black Seeded

This is the true “Yard Long” bean, with light green pods 38” long, with black beans. The long vines set heavy yields of these delicious pods that will amaze your friends! Long beans should be lightly fried and not boiled. They have superior flavor to common beans. This variety was collected from a Taiwanese immigrant in the 1970s. RARE!


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Thai #2 Red-Seeded

Pretty lime-green pods are tender and delicious. This variety has brownish-red seeds and is late-maturing, so it is better for the South. Collected in Thailand.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Thai #3 Extra Long

Very long, green pods can reach 30" or more! A great-tasting variety that is so fun to grow and produces well, too! It has unique red and white-spotted seeds.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Thai Purple Podded

Vigourous, high-yielding Thai variety. The lovely, deep purple pods have green tips, are crisp and stay tender to amazing lengths often reaching 20 inches! The productive variety is a local favorite in Thailand where long beans are appreciated as a very important staple crop.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Thai Suranaree

A great bush variety of long bean from Thailand, it is easier to grow in small gardens than the pole types. This variety produces 12" long green pods that are perfect for stir-frying. Dark reddish-maroon seeds.


Bean, Yardlong / Asparagus: Thai White Seeded

Smooth, light-green 25" long pods from Thailand. These are delicious and crisp, great in curries and stir-fries. They have creamy-white seeds. I am sure you will enjoy this great variety!