Bean: Bean, Snap (Bush)

Also known as string beans, French beans or green beans, this easy crop is a mainstay of the traditional vegetable garden. They were once commonly called string beans, but most modern varieties don't have strings. Bush varieties are shorter and mature faster than pole varieties, but only produce for 1 - 3 weeks. Bush beans are great candidates for succession sowing for this reason. These crisp fresh beans are a favorite prepared in a variety of dishes such as salads or used in soups and stews. They make a wonderful side dish when sauteed with a little oil or combined with other vegetables.


Bean: Beurre De Rocquencourt Wax

A productive heirloom wax bean named for Rocquencourt, France, a town in France's rich farming country. Wax beans were introduced to France in the 1840's from Algeria, and this variety is surely a descendent of those early beans. The bush plants set good yields early, and produce well in most climates. The beans are favored by cooks for their fine-flavored pods that are a bright waxy-yellow in color. This variety was listed in Mother Earth News as a favorite of well-known writer William Woys Weaver.


Bean: Blue Lake 274

A popular variety due to its excellent eating quality. Introduced 1961 as a bush version of 'Blue Lake' pole bean. Produces heavy yields of 6" pods containing white seeds. Pods fill slowly and retain tenderness for a long period. Resistant to bean mosaic and is widely adapted. An excellent variety for canning and freezing.


Bean: Blue Lake Bush

This is an excellent freezing and canning snap bean. The plant bears 5" long oval pods containing white seeds. Blue Lake is a heavy yielder, keeps well, and remains stringless and tender over a long period of time.


Bean: Blue Lake Bush JS

This is an excellent freezing and canning snap bean. The plant bears 5" long oval pods containing white seeds. Blue Lake is a heavy yielder, keeps well, and remains stringless and tender over a long period of time.


Bean: Bountiful Stringless Snap Bush Bean

This heavy yielding plant has straight, flat pods that are delicious fresh or steamed and can be frozen or dried.


Bean: Calima

French filet type pods of dark green color, slim straight shape, and superior flavor! Pods are held conveniently at the top of the stocky bushes; pick them when no thicker than a pencil. Fine for fresh use, canning and freezing.


Bean: Contender

This highly productive, stringless snap bush bean is great fresh from the garden, frozen, or canned. A very early variety, contender beans grow on medium-sized plants with 6 to 8" x 1/2" pods. The beans are medium-green in color and round-oval in shape. The plant is tolerant of hot weather and mildew.


Bean: Contender (Buff Valentine)

Introduced in 1949 by the SC/AES. Possibly derived from pre-1855 'Early Valentine'. The best early green bean for gardeners who desire a combination of good flavor, disease resistance, and high yields. Has excellent fresh eating quality and is very well liked by our customers. Bears slightly curved thick pods, approximately 5-1/2" long. Fairly hardy under adverse conditions and well suited to solar-greenhouse use because of its earliness, heat tolerance and disease resistance. Resistant to common bean mosaic virus (race 1) and tolerant of powdery mildew.


Bean: Contender (Buff) Valentine

A superb bush bean, with huge yields of excellent quality pods. Earlier than most others & perfect for market. Introduced in 1949.


Bean: Dragon Tongue

This famous Dutch heirloom bean has an incomparable flavor. The tender and superbly delicious 7" pods are yellow, with amazing purple streaks! Also makes a tasty shelled bean. Popular with chefs and gourmets. Compact plants set high yields.


Bean: French Garden

Excellent production of a refined type, atop compact plants - dark green straight and slender pods reaching 6-7 inches. Stringless, tender and sweet!


Bean: Fresh Pick Bush

Tender and rich-tasting 6 1/2" green beans. Compared with Jade, Fresh Pick's pods are plumper and darker green, suggestive of pole beans, with an even better flavor. Like Jade Fresh Pick's big plants tolerate hot weather and yield over an extended period. Hand pick.


Bean: Golden Wax

This stringless, deep yellow wax bush bean has vigorous vines. Pods are round, straight, 4 to 6" long, tender and meaty. Good for Northern climates. Early, dependable bushes produce white seed with purple-brown eyes.


Bean: Jumbo

A cross between Romano and Kentucky Wonder, Jumbo has dark green, extra-long pods with rich, bean flavor. While the beans are normally picked at 6-7", they are still stringless at over 10". Seeds are light brown with dark brown stripes. 


Bean: Pencil Pod Black Wax

Widely adapted. Stringless, curved, round pods, 5-1/2 to 6" long. Pods snap easily and make excellent fresh eating, or use as a canned bean. This black-seeded wax bean comes in early and produces for a long time. It is not as productive as modern wax beans but is dependable under high heat.


Bean: Provider

A favorite of many market growers, this widely adapted snap bean offers heavy early yields. Virus resistant and slow to wilt. 16-18" plant with 5-8" green beans.  Resistant to bean common mosaic virus, the New York strain of BCMV, pea mosaic virus and rust. Developed by Dr. Hoffman of South Carolina in 1965.


Bean: Provider

Early USDA shipper produces 5 to 8" medium-green pods, straight, round with a crease in back. Clusters, low fiber, purple seed, widely adaptable. Resistant to bean common mosaic virus, the New York strain of BCMV, pea mosaic virus and rust. Developed by Dr. Hoffman of South Carolina in 1965.


Bean: Provider SB

Provider can be planted earlier than other beans because it germinates well in cool soils. Compact plants are easy to grow and adaptable to diverse soil and climate conditions. Produces 5 1/2" fleshy, round pod green beans. Purple seeds.


Bean: Rocdor

Rocdor has 6 1/2" straight, long, slender pods that have a deep yellow color. It is early, productive produce and produces upright plants. The black seeds germinate well in cool soil.


Bean: Roc D'Or Yellow Wax

French variety with true yellow color, this tender, crisp bean has a delicious buttery flavor and is one of the earliest beans to mature. Mosaic virus and anthracnose disease resistant.


Bean: Rolande

A fine French delicacy. Roland is the very best filet or haricot vert variety with a deep green color. Truly gourmet beans of delicate flavor and superb quality. They are sensational simply steamed and served whole with sweet butter and a sprinkle of fresh chopped herbs. This refined introduction from a premier French seed saver offers gardeners abundant harvests of long, pencil-slim rounded 6" pods on strong, sturdy, disease-resistant plants.


Bean: Roma Improved

Early bearing, the Roma variety is selected for great taste and improved yield. The vigorous plants bear heavy harvests of flat, wide, 5" long, stringless green pods with a rich beany flavor.


Bean: Romano 14

Known for its distinctive flavor. This bush version of the 'Romano Pole Bean' ('Italian Pole Bean') is suitable for canning, freezing, and fresh eating. Has fairly straight, thick, and flat pods (3/4" x 6") that are free of strings. Plants are low and spreading. Has excellent resistance to rust, which makes this variety high yielding in fall plantings.


Bean: Royalty Purple Pod

Has a natural blanching indicator. When prepared for freezing, the purple pods blanch to green after 2 minutes of boiling. Produces purple-podded snap beans that are easily visible against the green foliage. Plants have short runners and need either wide row spacing or a fence for climbing. The 5" pods are round and slightly curved. Makes a very meaty and flavorful snap bean; especially well suited as a main ingredient in vegetable soup. The buff-colored seeds germinate well in cool soil. Introduced 1957.


Bean: Royalty Purple Pod

Purple bushes with short runners and purple flowers. Bright-purple stringless 5 to 6" pods cook to dark green. Buff colored seeds germinate in cold, wet soil. Bred by E.M. Meader at the University of New Hampshire. Was introduced in 1957. Avoided by Mexican bean beetles.


Bean: Slenderette

The sleek rounded pods of gourmet quality Slenderette are particularly tender and crunchy with no tough tips or fiber. The vigorous plants bear strong harvests of delectable, bright green, 5" pods early in the season. Juicy and sweet tasting, they are especially delicious steamed, stir-fried, blanched or marinated in an herbed vinaigrette. An extra bonus is Slenderette's proven disease resistance to bean mosaic and curly top virus. Plant this reliable, delicious and high-yielding garden bean every season.


Bean: Tendergreen

This is an all purpose, brownish-purple bean for home or market, recommended for eating fresh, canning, and especially freezing. Plants are strong, erect, and vigorous. The 6" x 1/2" pods are dark green, round, meaty and stringless. This variety has an extended season and is a heavy yielder even in hot temperatures.


Bean: Tricolor Bush

For a space saving rainbow of flavor and color in the garden and at the table, plant this seed mix of three different colored bush beans. The sturdy, vigorous plants are ornamental in the garden and, as a bonus, the pretty colors of their succulent pods stand out against the foliage for easier harvesting. Tender, stringless and juicy, the gold, royal purple and deep green crunchy pods will cook up sweet and tender to highlight summer meals.