> Seed Sowing Depth: 0.5" to 2.0"

Plant 1/2" in cold soil, and up to 2" in warm soil (where it is more moist).

> Soil temp for germination: 65°F to 100°F, optimal 80°F to 95°F, optimal 86°F
> Total weeks to grow transplant: 18 to 20 (Spring/Summer), (Fall/Winter)


1-2 weeks before LFD

Gourds are usually started indoors, because spring growing weather is often less than ideal and by starting indoors you have stocky little plants ready to put outside. This is better than having to wait for seeds to germinate in cold soil.

Cucurbits in general dislike transplanting, so start them in individual containers. We recommend using 4˝ pots as they allow you some time before the seedlings must be planted out. If containers are smaller than 4" you may have to pot the seedlings up before planting out, which is an additional chore and can stunt the plant. Plant 2 seeds in each pot. After they have both emerged, you should remove the inferior one (pinch it off to avoid disturbing the remaining one).

Last Frost Date

The week of 04/02/17

Harden Off

2 weeks after LFD

When: Starting one week before transplanting into their bed.

How: Allow the starts to adjust to outdoor temperatures. Harden off by placing outside for longer amounts of time each day.