Mature green tomatoes can be stored at 55-60ºF for 1 to 6 weeks. Make sure the area is moist (80-85% relative humidity). Cover with a paper bag and make sure the fruit don’t touch each other. Remove any that start to rot (check them regularly).

To ripen, move mature green tomatoes to 68-72º F as needed (it takes about 2 weeks.)

Storage Req: Moist, Warm
Storage Temp: 55-65°F
Storage Length: 7-28 days

Storing tomatoes in the fridge, or below 55˚ F impairs their flavor. They should keep for a week or two at 55 to 65˚ F (depending upon how ripe they are).

Storage Req: Cool, Dry
Storage Temp: 55-65°F
Storage Length: 7-14 days

Sun-dried tomatoes are made at 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Once dried, store in a cool, dry place. They can last 9 - 12 months in the freezer, or in the fridge for only a few weeks (they will be moldy in a month).

Storage Req: Drying, Freezer, Refrigerator
Storage Temp: 32-50°F
Storage Length: 7-360 days

Tomatoes can be peeled and frozen for storage (peel by dipping in boiling water), or you can freeze the puree.

Storage Req: Freezer
Storage Temp: 0-32°F
Storage Length: 1-90 days

Canning provides a long storage option as long as temperatures stay consistent, 55 to 70˚ F is the optimum.

Storage Req: Canning
Storage Temp: 55-70°F
Storage Length: 1-360 days