Peppers: Aji Dulce

For those who like the flavor and aroma of Habanero peppers but find them too hot. Aji Dulce has the same shape, size, color and aroma of Habanero, but is sweet, spicy, and delicious, with only a trace of heat. The fruits are highly aromatic and the flavor is unusual and complex, with overtones of black pepper and coriander, and undertones of other spicy flavors.


Peppers: Anaheim Chile

A versatile medium-hot pepper used fresh, canned, fried, or dried. Pendant fruits are borne abundantly on productive, vigorous plants. Peppers turn from green to deep red.


Peppers: Ancho Poblano

High-yielding bushes produce 3 to 6" heart shaped peppers that are dark green and ripen to a deep red or brown. Poblano peppers are a favorite for stuffing because of their thick walls and mild flavor. They are called Ancho when dried. These peppers are a favorite for making chilli relleno.


Peppers: Cayenne Long Thin

Slender, long peppers turn bright-red and are very hot. The 2 foot tall plants are vigorous and productive. This heirloom has been popular many years for drying, using as a spice, and also using medicinally.


Peppers: Cayenne Slim

Cayenne Slim is a long, thin, fiery hot pepper which grows 5 to 6" long. Its wrinkly skin turns from dark green to bright red. Thin walls make drying easy. The large, spreading plants produce a bountiful harvest. This pepper is good for hot sauces, pickles, drying, and making ground cayenne pepper.


Peppers: Chili Relleno

The distinct flavor of this bright red chile makes it perfect for hot sauces and pickling. The short fuzzy leaves are unique and distinctive as well. Bears clusters of medium-walled, finger-sized fruits.


Peppers: Chinese Five-Color

A highly ornamental hot pepper with a stunning palette of five bright fruit colors-all present at the same time. The foliage is green with purple veins and a purple blush on some leaves. Thirty inch tall plants bear upright conical fruits measuring 5/8" to 3/4" wide and 1-1/2" long. An arresting ornamental with hot fiery fruits.


Peppers: Czechoslovakian Black

Best combination of flavor, heat and color. Heirloom from Czechoslovakia. A highly ornamental and culinary hot pepper that combines the qualities of earliness, adaptability, flavor, and color. Has green foliage accented by purple veins and white-streaked lavender flowers. Pendant fruits (1 x 2-1/2") are blunt conical shape and are medium hot when red. Plants are tall (3') with upright branches. Showy: red fruit at the base, purple black fruit at the top contrasts with purple green leaves.


Peppers: Fish

Beautiful African American heirloom form Maryland with white and green mottled leaves. Great for the edible landscape- great heat tolerance. Very hot, used traditionally in shellfish and fish cookery, also good to dry and crush, some of the 2 inch long fruits have variegated colors.


Peppers: Grandpa's Home

Brilliant red 2 inch peppers are borne upright on tidy plants. The medium hot peppers are yielded in great profusion. Makes a super container plant, especially for overwintering indoors, as it blooms and sets on fruit even under low-light conditions. Originated in Siberia.


Peppers: Habanero

This extremely hot pepper has thin, wrinkled, 1 to 1.5" long pods which ripen from light green to a lovely golden orange when mature. It has a 200,000 Scoville heat rating (about 1000x hotter than the Jalapeno). Native to the Yucatan, it is also a Caribbean favorite used in traditional sauces.


Peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax

A Hungarian heirloom that is excellent for short season areas, very popular for canning and pickling. Medium to very hot fruit are light yellow in color; sets fruit over a long season.


Peppers: Hungarian Wax (Hot Banana)

Long, banana-shaped, medium-hot, spicy peppers, 6 to 7" long x 1-1/2" at the shoulder. 'Hungarian Wax' is a very reliable and productive variety adapted to the cool north as well as the deep south. Use fresh, canned, or with pickles.


Peppers: Italian Pepperoncini

The popular little, thin, pickling pepper. 3-5-inch fruit have a superb flavor and just a little heat. Small plants. This heirloom comes from southern Italy.


Peppers: Jalapeño

The classic salsa chile. Hot 1 × 2 in. thick-walled peppers are usually harvested green, but can be left to mature to red. (A chipotle pepper is a smoked red jalapeño.) A teaspoon of jalapeno vinegar is excellent seasoning for bean soups. Jalapeños filled with cream cheese and fried are a Southern specialty.


Peppers: Jalapeño Early

Jalapeno Early is similar to Jalapeno, but is earlier and better adapted to cool coastal conditions. Dark-green, thick-walled, 3" cone-shaped fruits ripen to red. These peppers are hottest when fully ripe (4,000 to 6,000 Scoville units), but can be eaten at their green stage. Perfect pepper for Mexican dishes and pickling.


Peppers: Lemon Drop

Seasoning pepper from Peru ripens to a clear lemon yellow, sometimes with a dark purple blush. The flavor is a very clean, uncomplicated, slightly citrus-y heat. Plants grow to about 2 feet high and are covered with the thin-walled, conical fruits which reach 2 to 3" in length, with very few seeds.


Peppers: Leutschauer Paprika

A lovely drying pepper that comes from Matrafured, Hungary. It has been grown there since the 1800s when it was brought from Leutschau (Slovakia). The medium-hot paprikas have great flavor, are terrific for drying, and make a delicious spicy powder. Very rare!


Peppers: Lombok (Chile Lombak)

An excellent hot drying pepper with a great taste and rich color. Fruits measure 1" at the shoulder and taper to 5 to 6" long. The lower third of the fruit is without heat and may be eaten like a sweet pepper. The best of our dried pepper trials.


Peppers: Long Red Cayenne

A choice, fiery-red hot seasoning pepper. Use fresh or dried, especially in salsa or chili. Pendant fruits are 3/4" wide by 5 to 6" long. This pepper is shiny, very prolific, and great for curries and pickles. Jefferson first planted this pepper at Shadwell, his birthplace, in 1767, just before his twenty-fourth birthday.


Peppers: New Mexico Joe Parker

New Joe Parker hot pepper is a heavy-yielding plant that produces tapered 6 to 7" pods with a mild, lively flavor. This productive Anaheim type is usually harvested green and used for stuffing, roasting, or grilling.


Peppers: Numex Big Jim

Large, mild, Anaheim-type peppers up to 12" long, on short (24-36") plants. Great for stuffing. Listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest hot pepper! Good yields even under hot dry conditions. 1975, New Mexico State U.


Peppers: Orange and Red Suave

These new mild habaneros from the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University take advantage of habaneros complex flavor without their incendiary heat. The orange and red chiles have a delicious tropical fruitiness with a hint of citrus to enjoy in a wide range of dishes without being afraid of setting your mouth on fire. Robust Suave plants reliably produce heavy crops of these colorful, mellow chiles.


Peppers: Pepper, Hot

Peppers have been an important crop in Central and South America for over 5000 years. Hot Peppers are highly prized for their fiery flavor and after the colonization of the New World they quickly became an important spice all around the world. They were quickly accepted in China, India and Thailand and are now as important to those cuisines as any native spices. Spicy and pungent, Hot Peppers add more kick to a meal than any other common vegetable. They are an essential ingredient of Mexican, Indian and Thai cuisine. Their flavor ranges from mildly spicy to blisteringly hot.


Peppers: Prairie Fire

1/2" x 1" fruits project above foliage, changing from chartreuse to cream to yellow to orange and finally to red. Some purple streaking in cooler weather. Flavor is bright, fruity, and pungent! For use in floral designs as cut branches and as a bedding plant. Ht. 6-12".


Peppers: Red Savina

These strong growing perennials are a garden highlight. Their multiple long stems are adorned with elegant, tubular bell-shaped blossoms in a duet of lovely colors; white with delicate rose veins and scarlet with striped. cat's paw-marked throats. They bloom for months and humming- birds love to linger and hover over the nodding flowers, so you can enjoy their activities for hours.Thls premium penstemon was awarded the prestigious Fleuroselect Quality award in Europe for their outstanding garden performance and unique first year bloom.


Peppers: Serrano Tampiqueno

Attractive 30" plants with pendant, thin-walled fruit (2" x 1/2"). This flavorful pepper is ideal for chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper vinegar, and for pickling. Very hot whether green or red. Dries easily.


Peppers: Southwestern Chile Trio

This mixed packet offers a trio of the best chile flavors with three different heat levels. You'll have dark green, heart-shaped Ancho "San Luis" with a mild aromatic flavor perfect for chile rellenos; shiny, thick-fleshed "Joe Parker,"an authentic Santa Fe style medium-heat chile wonderful to grill; and spicy Jalapeno "Sierra Fuego," whose hot pungency is just right in salsas, bean dishes and 'chile poppers.' Seeds are color coded with food grade stain to distinguish varieties. Red seed = Jalapeno 'Sierrra Fuego' Green seed = New Mex Parker Yellow seed = Ancho San Luis


Peppers: Spanish Padron

Gourmet gardener will love these hard-to-find, authentic, Spanish Padron peppers, a prized specialty direct from the Galicia region of Spain.  Picked small, then quickly sizzled in fruity olive oil, Padron peppers are among the most delicious and traditional "Tapas" appetizers in Spain. Once you taste the savory little mouthfuls, you are guaranteed to want more!  The tapered fruits grow abundantly on vigorous plants that bear both early and for an extremely long season.


Peppers: Sweet Bananarama

If you like tasty banana peppers, you'll love this whopper, which produces much bigger peppers on much smaller plants. The fruits are 8" long and more a truly giant pepper. They start yellow and mature orange-red, so you can pick them at any stage you like. Great for pickles, salads or grilling.


Peppers: Trinidad (Spice)

As with Aji Dulce, a spice pepper with the flavor of Habanero but with only a trace of heat in the seeds. Tall, bushy plants with light green foliage with 1" x 1½" bright yellow peppers


Peppers: True Thai Chiles: Orange Fogo & Red Demon

These brilliant colored, authentic Thai chiles are imported directly from the source. Vigorous Fogo ripens bright orange with delicious medium hot/sweet pungency. Perfect minced in sauces and salads. Red Demons fiery little fruits point up like flames, with that nutty, incendiary pungency just right for stir-fries. Use fresh or air dry for tantalizing Asian-style dishes. Seeds are color-coded with food grade stain to distinguish varieties, so be sure to plant some of each. Red seed = Red Demon. Yellow seed = Orange Fogo.