> Seed Sowing Depth: 0.25" to 0.5"

Tomatoes are sown close to the surface where it is warm. Normally this is 1/4" deep in warm soil (60-75F) and 1/2" deep in warmer soil (76F+).

> Soil temp for germination: 60°F to 90°F, optimal 75°F to 85°F, optimal 77°F
> Total weeks to grow transplant: 10 to 10 (Spring/Summer), (Fall/Winter)


6-8 weeks before LFD

1. Seeds should be planted 1/4˝ or 1/2˝ deep in flats, soil blocks or cell packs.

2. Put in a warm place to germinate.  They germinate best at a temperature of around 65 to 75˚ F during the daytime and 10˚ F lower at night.


4-6 weeks before LFD

You must now give the seedling everything it’s little green heart desires: water, humidity, warmth and all the nutrients it needs.

1. When their first true leaves appear, the plants should be transplanted to individual 4˝ pots.

2. Plant them deeper than they were growing, as they will produce roots all along the buried stem.

Last Frost Date

The week of 04/06/14

Harden Off

on LFD

If you are planting Tomatoes out in cool spring conditions the transplants should be hardened off carefully.

Do this slowly over a week, by reducing the amount of water they get and by leaving them outside for longer periods each day. This helps them to slowly get accustomed to the somewhat less than ideal conditions to be found outside.

In warm summer weather there is no need to harden off the transplants. However you may want to keep them outside in the shade for a few days, so they don’t get sunburned when planted out.