Tomato: Amish Paste

Amish Paste tomatoes are an acorn-shaped, deep-red, paste-type fruit. The vines produce medium-sized, 8 to 12 ounce fruit. This Amish heirloom has thick flesh and few seeds. It performs better when staked.


Tomato: Basic Paste

Paste, Sauce & Plum bear elongated fruits which are lower in water content, and renowned for canning, making sauce or paste. One unique characteristic is the firmness of the fruit due to the thick meaty wall. This is what contributes to the deep rich flavor when rendered down into sauce.

Use this as a substitute for Tuscany Hybrid, Viva Italia Hybrid, Bellstar and Principe Borghese


Tomato: Bonny Best

The famous old canning tomato that was introduced in 1908 by Bonnie Plant Farm in Union Spring, Alabama. It became one of the most respected canning varieties in America in the first half of the twentieth century. Medium-sized fruit are round, red, meaty and loaded with flavor. A good producer that makes a fine slicer too. Becoming hard to find due to modern, flavorless hybrids.


Tomato: Debarao

This compact, strong, heavy-yielding bush produces plum-shaped, 3-ounce sauce tomatoes. The fruit is meaty and borne in clusters of 5-10. Flavor is very good whether the fruit is fresh or processed. The fruit sets well in adverse weather conditions. This variety was bred from a cross of Santiam and Roma.


Tomato: Goldman's Italian American

Unique, beautiful and large tomatoes that have a squat, pear shape, being ribbed and pleated. These have a bloody, intense red color when ripe. Thick, red flesh is perfect for delicious sauces and preserves. Found at a roadside stand in Italy, by Amy Goldman and named after her father's grocery store in Brooklyn. This variety has good flavor, fresh or canned.


Tomato: Heinz 1350

Introduced 1963. Developed by the H. J. Heinz Co. Round fruits average 6 to 8 oz., are uniform ripening, and have good crack resistance. 'Heinz 1350' is a productive garden variety with concentrated fruit set and excellent qualities as a processing tomato for canning or cooking. Widely adapted, multi-purpose variety suitable for salad use too. (vw, fw1, asc, cr)


Tomato: Hungarian Italian Paste

Highly productive pear-shaped paste tomato with good disease resistance and good holding quality. Fruits weigh 2 to 3 oz. and are borne in clusters of 4. Bears until frost. This is our favorite red paste tomato because of its high yields and healthy vines, plus the fruits make an excellent-flavored sauce.


Tomato: Jersey Giant

This New Jersey canning variety is on the verge of extinction! Large, 6-inch long, pepper-shaped fruit are packed with great tomato flavor. Delicious fresh from the garden. Their large size makes them a snap to can. Their thick, rich flesh is much tastier than modern paste types, and the fruit have very few seeds. One of my personal favorites.


Tomato: Marglobe Supreme

Medium size red fruit make excellent canning tomatoes. Good size and uniform deep scarlet color. Great for humid climates.


Tomato: Pompeii

Imported from Italy where tomato breeding is a passion, the tall productive vines of Pompeii load up early with heavy clusters of big elongated plum tomatoes with rich flavored meaty flesh. This traditional old fashioned favorite has been endowed with new hybrid vigor and disease resistance for heavy harvests over a long season. You'll fill baskets with delicious fruit to use fresh or simmer in thick tasty sauces with plenty to can or freeze to warm up winters kitchen.


Tomato: Roma

Roma is the standard Italian canning and paste tomato. Its vigorous compact vines produce large harvests of 3" long, pear-shaped, thick-walled, solid fruit with few seeds. This variety is highly wilt resistant.


Tomato: Russian Big Roma

A favorite heirloom. Disease resistant, produces lots of huge (2 x 4"), deep red, fruits with exceptionally rich tomatoey flavors. Perfect sauce tomato.


Tomato: San Marzano

Large indeterminate vines produce elongated fruit. The fruit grow to about 4" long and 2" in diameter and are borne in clusters. Holds well on vine or in storage, crack resistant, excellent for paste, puree, or canning. Processor favorite due to high solids; the standard Italian pear tomato, aka the Italian Canner.


Tomato: San Marzano Redorta

Named for a mountain in Tuscany, this is Gary Ibsen's preferred Italian paste tomato. Larger (8 oz, 4") and better tasting than it's cousin San Marzano. Good enough to eat off the vine and more tomato paste per plant.


Tomato: Tomato (Determinate)

The tomato is a tender perennial, but must be grown as an annual in temperate climates. It is the most popular garden vegetable crop in America, and probably more square footage of garden magazine space has been devoted to it than any other vegetable. It is popular because it is easy to grow, very productive (it is one of highest yielding vegetable crops) and because home grown fruit is generally much superior to commercial fruit. This is an excellent plant for children to grow because of the ease in growing. Determinate tomatoes' fruits all ripen at the same time on the plant, so they are harvested all at once.