Soil Preference

Soil PH: 5.5-7.5, Ideal 6.0-6.8

Tomatoes are not particularly fussy about soil, but generally the better the soil, the more productive it will be. The perfect soil for Tomatoes is a deep, well-drained (they are prone to root rot in wet soils) loam with lots of moisture retentive organic matter. They prefer a fairly neutral soil, but are not very sensitive to pH.

Early crops do better in light sandy soil because it warms up faster.

Soil Preparation

Compost (N), 2 inch(es), in top 10in of soil, 1 time

It is important to add organic matter to the soil, as well as to supply nutrients to the plants.

Standard Mix, 1 handful(s), at transplanting, 1 time

A handful of standard mix in each planting hole will supply additional essential nutrients, including:

Nitrogen - This is important during the initial vegetative growth stage, though some is also needed for fruit set. Too much nitrogen may produce excessive foliage instead of fruit.

Potassium - This is important while the plants are young. 

Phosphorus - Important for early growth and good fruit set (a lack of it can delay maturation).

Calcium and trace elements are essential right through their growth cycle.