Blackberry: Blackberry

The vigorous blackberries have to be the easiest of all fruit to grow. They tolerate almost any kind of soil, thrive in sun or shade, can be incredibly productive and bloom so late they aren't bothered by late frosts. They are delicious raw or cooked and are particularly outstanding in pies (often mixed with apples or other fruit). In fact the only reason not to grow them is if you have already have them growing wild in abundance nearby. Some people dislike having thorny plants in the garden, but there are now a number of thornless cultivars too.


Blackberry: Black Satin Thornless

Mid season bearer. Thornless. Vigorous grower that establishes itself quickly with heavy yields, excellent for home gardens. Semi-erect growth habit, but they require trellising or plant them along a fence. Very disease resistant. 2 year old plant.


Blackberry: Ebony King

Produces large, plump berries in the plant's second year. Perfect variety for baking into pies, crumbles, and other delectables.


Blackberry: Siskiyou

Early Summer Bearer. Fruit is firm. Berries are well suited for the fresh market, pick-your-own operations and for processing. Trailing vines have outstanding vigor, disease resistance and winter tolerance. Ripens early in late June.